Why we started Lacy’s Vegan Sex Shop

Most vegans find themselves considering whether or not any animals were harmed in the making of anything they buy.   Often this leads to masses of research on a given product, trying to find out what materials they are made of, trying to find all you can about the manufacturer or even emailing the manufacturer.  If you are looking for something specific this can lead to hours of trekking through page after page and sometimes bitter disappointment.

Searching for vegan sex toys on the internet can be exhausting.

This is no different for sex shop items or sexy underwear.  Trekking through tons of different sites to find those few vegan products or contacting supplier after supplier asking whether things are vegan is not helpful or easy when all you want is to buy some naughty gear!  The last thing vegans want to do is bring cruelty into the bedroom, we want to keep our sex lives cruelty free and have fun like everyone else without compromising our values.

This is why we started Lacy’s Vegan Sex Shop.  We wanted to give vegans a place they could come to find their cruelty-free sexual items all together in one place without having to worry about whether they are vegan or not

08. October 2017 by c87054
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